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about bababutler

The bababutler is a digital timer encapsulated in silicone and attached to a flexible silicone band. The band expands to fit small collection bottles and both small and large feeding bottles. Because the silicone creates a slight suction, the bababutler is usable on collection bags as well. You can enter a desired time interval up to 5 days (the CDC recommended maximum time for breast milk to be stored in a refrigerator). Set a desired time interval then the timer counts down to alert you when the milk needs to be used or moved. The bababutler defaults to the last input time interval, but can be easily changed. Use it at room temperature or in the refrigerator. You will always know how much time is remaining because the display screen shows the countdown (it's no good to know AFTER the milk has gone bad). Caregivers will LOVE the bababutler! Parents can leave milk with a bababutler attached to each bottle for daycare providers or nannies instead of detailing or logging information on paper. The bababutler is water resistant, safe for temperatures between -40 degrees celsius and 85 degrees celsius, refrigerator safe and very durable. The entire device is encapsulated in BPA free silicone making it baby friendly with no easily accessible small parts.

The bababutler is usable for other liquids as well. Use it on your toddler's sippy cup of milk. Use it on a bottle of ibuprofen so you have a reminder to give your sick kiddo medicine every 8 hours. Use it on a bottle of sunscreen so you remember to reapply every 80 minutes. Use it on whatever you'd like!