The bababutler fits around a bottle and alerts you when your breast milk or formula should be used or moved to the freezer.


The bababutler is a digital timer encapsulated in silicone and attached to a flexible silicone band. The band expands to fit small collection bottles and both small and large feeding bottles.

BPA free The bababutler is completely encapsulated in BPA free, food grade silicone.
water resistant The bababutler is water resistant and easy to clean. No need to worry about milk drips or spills.
refrigerator safe The bababutler is usable in temperatures as low as -40 degrees Celsius. When it's time to move your milk to the refrigerator just leave the BabaButler in place and change the time. It's that easy!
flexible silicone band The band expands to fit many bottle sizes. So, it's not only perfect for breast milk and formula feeding, but works great for many other purposes.
temperature reading The bababutler display shows the current temperature of your bottle so you can feel confident that your milk is safe for baby.

our story

When my daughter was born in late 2012 she and I had a very hard time breastfeeding. I tried everything, read many books, consulted with multiple lactation consultants, but nothing worked. So, I decided that exclusively pumping was the best option. This meant pumping at least every three hours… for eight months. I would set alarms during the night to ensure that I didn’t miss a pumping session. All of this pumping meant that I had breast milk around ALL the time. There were many nights when I woke-up wondering “how long has the milk been sitting on the nightstand,” “do I need to move that to the fridge or will she drink it before that’s necessary.” Basically, I was constantly counting back to when I pumped. I am an attorney and I used to wake-up, in cold sweats, counting to be sure I didn’t miss a filing deadline. Now I was waking-up counting to be sure my more-precious-than-gold breast milk had not expired. It was A LOT and my new mommy brain was TIRED!

All of this sent me on a search for a product that I could attach to my breast milk collection bottles that would tell me how much usable time was remaining on my milk. This product didn’t exist. There were tracking apps and some products that required more work than I thought was helpful. After having similar struggles breastfeeding my son I decided to make my own product. And the bababutler was born. Even though it started out as a way to manage breast milk storage, I quickly realized this product would be great for so many things. Put it on a sippy cup of milk. Put it on medicine bottles and set it to 8 hours so you know to readminister medication. It’s amazing at the pool/beach on a bottle of sunscreen- just set it to 1.5 hours (or whatever the bottle recommends) and it alarms when it’s time to reapply. The bababutler has made my life a little easier and I hope it does the same for you!